5 home decor inspirations for the season

Add some originality.
Colour up your home.
Discover new shapes and materials.
Be versatille.
And enjoy your free time!

If you are planning to spend the rest of the Summer in the city, maybe now is the time to invest in some comforting home decor. Although beach holidays are a great way to relax, you can also find some rewarding chill out moments by redecorating your home. Today we bring you some tips and recommend furniture pieces for your home delights.


Add some originality

One of the main characteristics of great home decor is personality. Some original furniture pieces will make your home shine and will add that special cozy touch to your days. Like this Swithy stool, a wooden sculpture with burel seat, a highly resistant and durable traditional Portuguese fabric made from wool.


Add a splash of colour to your home

An injection of colour is always a great way to bring your home decor to life.  If you aren’t too keen on  painting your walls yellow, a better option is to add some extra colour through small pieces of furniture such as chairs and coffee tables.


Discover new shapes and materials

Free yourself from the same old same old of conventional home furniture.  The art of home decor requires us to take some risks in order to create a truly inspiring home environment. For example, this two colour mirror sideboard can bring a striking contemporary design and something quite unique to any space.


Be versatille

Another key factor in home decor is that it has to be practical. The Ypsy Valet Unit for example is a reinterpretation of the traditional ladder that can fit any bathroom or bedroom – and the best part is that you can use it in many different ways.


Enjoy your free time!

Free time is such a precious thing that you should always make the very  most of it.  And since home decor is about trying to find new and better ways to relax, don’t forget to add important pieces such as lounge chairs, cozy sofas and poufs to your set. This Bubble Pouf is a must when it comes to cool comfort!